The Rules

How The League Works

  • Leagues are open all to all levels of experience. 
  • Each season will usually last around 9 weeks.
  • Upon entering the league players will be randomly drawn into their positions on the pyramid.
  • Players can enter up to 3 categories of leagues. These being singles, doubles and mixed
  • Sign up can be found on the ‘Pyramid Leagues’ main page.
  • When signing up click ‘Book’ on your chosen category and this will appear in your shopping basket in the top right corner. Clicking on the basket will then take you to to the booking and payment screen.
  • When entering doubles a team name is required to complete sign up. Team names will not be used for the pyramid league so please enter anything in this box.

Match Format

  • Matches will be best of 3 sets (first to win 2 sets) with a 7 point tie break played if the score reaches 6 – 6 in games.  If the score is 1 – 1 in sets then a championship tie break (first to 10 points, 2 points clear) should be played as a final set decider.  If all players agree, a full set with a first to 7 points tie break played if the score reaches 6 – 6 in games can be played instead.  This needs to be agreed before the match starts.
  • Players must provide their own tennis balls and be of an acceptable standard.  Tennis balls can be bought from the head coach if you need a new set.
Challenging Opponents
  • A season will last approximately 9 weeks.
  • Players must challenge each other in order to move further up the pyramid and can play as many matches as they choose in the 9 week period.
  • Players must organise their own matches.
  • Challenges can only be made to players on the same row or one row above.
  • If more than one division, only players at the top row of each division can challenge the bottom row of the division above.
  • Players cannot refuse a challenge.
  • Challengers must provide three dates & times, within reason, for matches to be played within 2 weeks of original challenge.
  • If players continue to refuse challenges and/or dates offered by a challenger, positions in the pyramid may be swapped. Please contact the competition organiser if you are struggling to arrange a match.
  • A losing player cannot re-challenge for at least seven days.
  • Players may make as many other challenges as possible in a seven-day period. For example, player A can challenge player B on Monday, Player C on Tuesday, Player D on Wednesday etc.

Submitting Results

  • Players can upload their results and new positions via the button on the main ‘Pyramid League’ page.
  • The league will be updated regularly.


New Players & Withdrawing

  • New players entering the league once a league is underway will be placed in the bottom row in the lowest division plus incur a £2 admin fee. 
  • Players are able to withdraw from the pyramid leagues up until the day before the league begins. After this, fees are not refundable or transferable to another league for any reason. Players are expected to make sure they can commit to the majority of the 9 week period before entering the leagues so that as many matches as possible can take place.
  • If it is necessary to postpone a league then a refund to every player that can no longer play.


For any issues including players refusing challenges, please contact Andy Mayo on 07920 498021 or

Craig McEwan Coach

Craig and Marian McEwan founded Sway Tennis Club in May 1984.  Craig has coached at county, regional and national level, with 3 of his former pupils gaining world rankings in the Men’s game and a Junior player achieving top 100 status.  He is a former LTA Tutor, Examiner and Referee, and has a special interest in and experience of wheelchair tennis at international level.  He holds academic qualifications in Education and Psychology and is a qualified Sports masseur and Reiki practitioner.