These guidelines have been produced in line with the Government and LTA information taking into account the facilities at Sway Lawn Tennis Club.


As we restart playing tennis I am afraid that we must all be aware of certain rules and restrictions to ensure the health and safety of all the players.  For now only members will be allowed to play.  We are sourcing a hand sanitising station but delivery may be a few weeks. Coaching sessions will be available on a 1 to 1 basis. Contact Andy Mayo for details.  Guidance could be updated by the Government or the LTA at any time so keep checking online.




1)         At all times players should adhere to the 2 metre social distancing guidelines.  Take particular care when entering or leaving the courts.


2)         Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving home – and on your return.


3)         Book court in advance. This can be done on Clubspark. This will reduce possible problems caused by signing up on the notice board.  Email about Clubspark to follow.  Do not use Court 2 to ensure social distancing.


4)         Most can only play singles. Players can be from different households.  Doubles can only be played if all four players are from the same household.


5)         Take hand sanitiser with you. You may have to touch gates and padlocks.


6)         Take all your own equipment – do not share racquets etc.  Clean your own equipment before and after each tennis session.


7)         Each player must have their own set of clearly marked balls. Serve with your own balls. The opposition’s balls should not be handled. Kick/hit them back by foot/racquet.


8)         Do not share water bottles or food.


9)         Avoid touching benches, nets and court fencing.


10)       Change court ends at opposite ends of the net.


11)       Assume that the Pavilion is not open so no toilet facilitiesPlease do not use fobs to access the pavilion yourselves.


12)       Do not use the court brooms or drag mats unless you have gloves or sanitiser.


13)       Do not use the ball machine.  We cannot ensure that the balls are safe to touch.


Enjoy your exercise but keep alert and stay safe.


Paul Heald-Barraclough


On behalf of the Sway Lawn Tennis Club Committee.

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